CIM: Investment Credit in the Mezzogiorno NEWS

The incentive is aimed at companies that buy new assets for production facilities located in the midday (Calabria, Campania, Puglia, Sicily, Molise, Sardinia and Abruzzo) and provides for a tax credit in a measure Between 25% and 45% of the eligible costs for the investment program, depending on the size of the company (with respect to many other advantages it can be said that the incentive can also benefit large companies).

Law no. 208/2015 identifies a very broad scope of application from a subjective point of view, while the objective scope of application, as we shall see, is much more specific and restrictive.

The provisions shall designate the recipients of the business enterprise as recipients of the allowance, irrespective of the form or accounting adopted, with the following exclusions:

Steel, coal, shipbuilding, synthetic fibers, transport and related infrastructures.
Production and distribution of energy and energy infrastructures.
Credit, financial and insurance sectors.
Companies in difficulty as defined in the Communication from the European Commission 2014 / C 249/01 of 31 July 2014.

The facility may only be granted for investments in new equipment for:

The realization of a new establishment;
The expansion of an existing establishment;
The diversification of the production of an establishment;
The radical transformation of the overall production process of an existing plant;
The reactivation of a closed establishment or that would have been closed if it had not been acquired.

Investments made through:

Purchase from third parties;
Realization in economics.

Therefore, all investments that do not carry out an initial investment case (such as replacement of individual asset items), as well as investments in real estate and vehicles, as they are not recalled, should be considered excluded.

More than the previous measure

Decree Law 29 December 2016, no. 243, converted, with modifications, by Law 27 February 2017, no. 18, amended the tax credit discipline, providing inter alia:

The extension of relief to the entire territory of the Sardinia region;

The raising of the tax credit rates that are set to the maximum extent permitted by the 2014-2020 Regional Aid Card;

The raising of the tax credit rates that are set to the maximum extent permitted by the 2014-2020 Regional Aid Card;

The increase of the maximum allowable amount for each investment project;

The cumulability of tax credits with other State aid and de minimis aid, within the limits of the intensity or the highest amount of aid permitted by European legislation.


Communication for use may be submitted to the Revenue Agency, exclusively by telecommunication, from 30 June 2016 until 31 December 2019.

The goods facilitated