Rottamazione Bis

The Council of Ministers approved the expected law decree introducing urgent provisions on financial matters and for irrefutable needs. Among these is the scraping of the hexadecimal folders.

The new simplified definition of tax collections provides for the possibility for taxpayers who have not completed the fulfillment of the previous decommissioning, to comply with the facilities provided for the payment of the tax owed or contributed to the recovery agent (the toll figures and legal interest without penalty and late interest).

The debtor is allowed to pay by 30 November 2017 the installment rates for the expired cargoes in July and September 2017. In this way, taxpayers who, due to errors, disagreements or lack of liquidity, could not make payments, are returned to 'scrap' without further charge.

It is given the possibility of accessing the simplified definition of the debts to debtors who had previously been rejected by the claims because it was not in accordance with the payment of the installments, expiring on 31/12/2016, of the dilution plans in place at 24 October 2016.

The scope of the simplified definition extends, which may also be applied to the cargoes entrusted to the collection agent from 1 January to 30 September 2017 (the previous 'scrapping' included loads up to 31 December 2016).

The study remains available for an analysis and evaluation of the exhaustive lists, as well as advice on how to adhere to this tool.