Voucher Digitalization

After more than three years of waiting short, perhaps for days, Small and Medium Businesses will be able to apply vouchers for digitization. The purpose of this decree is to support, through contributions in the form of a Voucher of value not exceeding 10,000.00 Euros to cover the maximum of 50% of the eligible expenses.

The CIPE Resolution was published on October 12, 2017 in the Official Journal and a prelude to the publication of the measure with the deadlines for submitting applications for contributions from the companies.

Decree-Law no. 145 of December 23, 2013, better known as Destination Italy, provided for the provision of non-cash loans in the form of vouchers of a maximum amount of 10 thousand euros for:

the purchase of software, hardware or services that will improve the company's efficiency,
the development of e-commerce solutions,
broadband and ultra-wide bandwidth connectivity by businesses,
the ICT training of small and medium-sized enterprises.
The law of conversion no. 9-2014 then expanded the voucher's goals by also admitting direct action:

to the modernization of the organization of work, favoring the use of technological tools and forms of flexibility, including teleworking,
to allow connection to the Internet via satellite technology, through the purchase and activation of decoders and parabols, in areas where geomorphological conditions do not allow access to appropriate solutions through land networks or where infrastructure interventions result scarcely viable or unrealizable.
The study remains available for an analysis and evaluation of your investment, as well as advice on how to adhere to this tool.

The study reserves the right to send a new mail as soon as the terms and conditions for submitting the incentive will be made available.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and request further information. We will try to satisfy your requests as quickly as possible.