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The Doctor CATALDI began his professional career in 1985 and now is committed to providing business services to 360 degrees, alongside entrepreneurs, professionals and private, thanks to specialization in many business areas. High professionalism, speed and continuously updated, ensuring the maximization of ordinary operations and extraordinary companies and economic entities aziendalistico, legal, accounting and tax. The pride of Doctor CATALDI is partnering with the Business Management Studio Srl in Casarano in Via Giotto 4, which allows us to successfully face the most diverse themes, ensuring customer competence, commitment and full support in every sector of ' professional activity.

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The mission of Dr. CATALDI is constantly in assisting the client in making decisions about business management, providing all the necessary expertise to the business.


The role of the Accountant and the Statutory Auditor is to be alongside the entrepreneur at every stage of its business life, from business project, through the development and course in times of trouble.
The constantly updated knowledge, technical tools and our experience, are the pillars on which we base our professionalism.
We are aware that they must have extremely extensive knowledge for them to perform our work. For this we aim the preparation and updating of our staff, investing in continuing education to ensure our professionalism. All our employees are selected on the basis of integrity, dedication and sense of responsibility. For us, the professional reputation, perception of the quality of our services by customers are essential to create and strengthen the relationship of trust.


The Code of Ethics of Chartered CATALDI perfectly describes the set of values and ethical principles that characterize the activities of the staff, and by which it is supported every customer. A code that is not simply a bureaucratic exercise but a road required to be covered during the course of work, confident that you can meet people, as well as numbers, which can further contribute to our growth.


The objective of Dr. Cataldi and principal obligation is to provide adequate professional contribution to the project that is assigned there. As a result, each employee shall not accept assignments that knows he can not play with the necessary expertise or to which it is not able to ensure appropriate organization. In this way we promote the growth and professional preparation with regular participation in conferences and training courses organized by the Order of Chartered Accountants.


Even in our profession we are bound by the obligation of professional secrecy. Also we ensure maximum confidentiality of information learned, in accordance with current legal standards and those expressly provided for the processing of personal data. We want to create conditions to ensure that confidentiality is maintained by all those who, for whatever reason, work to each client.


The professional activity must be carried out respecting the principle of fairness and loyalty towards customers and third parties involved.


Customer satisfaction is a must. Our activities are designed to the highest standards of quality, starting from the creation of stable customer relationships based on mutual trust and estimates.


Even the relationship with the customer have precise rules. We facilitate the spread, clear and timely information on everything that can help or hinder the work keeping a respectful behavior, courteous and friendly, whose highest expression is the punctuality.

These are the reasons why the Doctor Cataldi differs from all the others.